House Cleaning Services In Nairobi Kenya

Are you a busy person with tight schedules and have no time to clean your residence, or your house is too busy, and the house chores are overwhelming for you to handle all the work alone? Worry no more. Clean Edge Hygiene is here to restore your peace of mind by giving you quality cleaning services at a relatively affordable price.

We understand that your resident is among the essential propriety that is considered one of the three basic needs, and keeping it tidy all the time is vital. House is the shelter of every family, and hiring a professional cleaning company is essential as it guarantees the health stability of every member of your family. When you no longer have time to tidy up your resident, only one cleaning company in Nairobi comes to mind, Clean Edge Hygiene Solutions Ltd.

It’s no doubt that there are countless cleaning services in Nairobi, Kenya, and choosing which one to pick can be one hell of a hustle, but the good news is that now you have the best cleaning services in Nairobi, which is one call away to your doorstep.

Clean Edge Hygiene Solutions Ltd is dedicated to offering you excellent residential/ domestic cleaning services on a one-off set or regularly, depending on your preferred needs and specifications.

No matter how big your house is, you can trust us to provide you with customized maintenance and cleaning services wherever you are in Nairobi. Our highly trained staff will use our modern advanced technology equipment to give your resident a brand-new look.

We understand that the health of your loved ones comes first, and that is the sole reason we use eco-friendly cleaning materials and solutions from the beginning to the end of our cleaning services.

We are the most trusted residential/domestic cleaning services in Nairobi who specializes in providing numerous but satisfactory cleaning services in the following areas: mattress, sofa set, carpet, vehicle cleaning. We ensure your house is immaculate by thoroughly scrubbing the walls and polishing the floor.

Whenever you hire us for your residential cleaning needs in Nairobi, we will also collect and dispose of garbage appropriately and provide landscaping services to your beautiful compound, guarantee the maintenance of your garden. Clean Edge Hygiene Solutions Ltd will also offer sanitary and washroom cleaning services to promote proper hygiene in your resident.

We offer cleaning services by noting the cleaning that each area of your resident requires. For instance, we start by offering fumigation and pest control services in areas where any pests have been infested. We then move to clean hidden areas of your house as we move to the more open spaces.

Our Extra Residential/Domestic Cleaning Services

  • Dusting the wall hanging especially memorable picture frames, artworks among others.
  • Thorough cleaning behind and underneath every furniture
  • Tidying countertops
  • Carefully wiping of baseboards and switchboards

Why Choose Our Domestic Cleaning Services  in Nairobi

  • Highly qualified and well-trained cleaning personnel
  • Eco-friendly cleaning equipment and solutions
  • Long-term experience in the resident/domestic cleaning industry
  • Quality service delivery
  • Competitive pricing

Top to Bottom Domestic/Residential Cleaning Services in Nairobi

Clean edge hygiene solutions ltd offers residential/domestic cleaning services in an organized manner based on the house arrangement of our clients. We start by carefully moving your valuables to a safe spot, and then we ember on a serious and rigorous cleaning activity. We start y cleaning the roof, then to ceiling board, followed by thoroughly washing of windows, then scrubbing the walls. We then disinfect your toilets and bathrooms as we proceed to clean your entire floor to a polish.