We have the advantage of an experienced team which has;

  • The experience to facilitate the execution of the contract
  • The resources to combine people, technology and systems
  • The authority and accountability to deliver

Clean Edge Hygiene Solutions Ltd and its employees do not offer or expect any favors from any of clients and their employees. Any gifts or entertainment given out to any of our clients is done do on an official basis and upon agreement by the management of both such companies/clients.

Working Conditions Are Safe And Hygienic

These policies take into account the employees working conditions and safety standards at workplace. We have in place a medical cover that covers all our employees. The cost of the cover is borne by Clean Edge Hygiene Solutions Ltd. We ensure that the environment we work in is at least accident free and all services are offered with sober and alcohol free personnel

 Employment Is Freely Chosen

The more complex an organization, the more important it is for quality of workforce, we understand that we are living in a time when quality of intellectual behavior, both with clients and within the organization defines the success of our services, We therefore attract and retain the best talent. As such we operate under clear conscience taking into consideration and respecting rules on minimum age, minimum wage and employee/human dignity.

No Discrimination Is Practiced

One of our major initiatives is the intercultural set-up within the organization that defines Clean Edge Hygiene Solutions Ltd as an equal opportunity employer. No amount of discrimination is practiced within our organization.

No Harsh Or Inhumane Treatment Is Allowed

No form of physical, sexual abuse or other harassment and verbal abuse or intimidation forms are entertained. This is a prohibited practice within the company.

Clean Edge Hygiene Solutions Ltd intends to maintain top notch service levels and in line with this we have continuous training for our staff. All newly recruited staff go through an orientation process whereby they are assigned to a senior member of staff to assist them with familiarization of working procedures within Clean Edge Hygiene Solutions Ltd.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility:

Our social responsibility entails us to adopt a “Corporate Philanthropy Approach” in which Clean Edge Hygiene Solutions Ltd participates in events or activities that support Poverty Alleviation and offer assistance to the needy.